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Thanks to the dynamic program of switchings of DSP the tiptronic system possesses five steps of transfers and works especially softly, without breakthroughs. The program of switchings analyzes and enters your individual style of driving, a condition of a roadbed and a profile of this stage of a driving into memory, defining, thus, the optimum moment for switching.

It will be absolutely new car developed practically from a blank sheet which will receive the new chassis and new design of a body. At construction of new A6 aluminum will be actively applied - it is supposed to make the main part of a body of the car and separate elements of a suspension bracket of this material.

Tiptronic — an intellectual transmission which combines convenient automatic gear shifting and active manual switching. This ideal decision for those drivers who want to combine convenience of driving and a sports driving.

The lamellar chain is designed by analogy with other chains, only with a large number of the plates located the friend near the friend that does it much more strongly. Plates are pinned by cross (probes) which face parties press conic surfaces in a variator. In the common ground which is formed in this place the traction effort of a chain is transferred to variator disks.

The word "horkh" in German means "listen". Therefore the new brand was called too "Listen" that in Latin - "Audi". And to approve the primogeniture, A. Horkh decided to decorate a stopper of a radiator with the stylized unit.

The damp or slippery soil covering is available not only in a rainforest, but also on our roads, and at us it meets much more often than it was would like by drivers. Snow, damp autumn foliage, gravel and sand in venues of road-building works or a clay country road — all this is much easier to overcome on the Audi quattro car.

Convenience of multitronic is connected, first of all, with lack of losses in dynamics and profitability. The main indicators of A6 with multitronic look even better, than in the similar car with 5 step mechanical transmission. Even more convincingly distinctions in comparison with standard step automatic transmission with the torque converter where, despite all improvements, losses by transfer remain look. Other advantage of multitronic system in comparison with the most modern automatic transmissions with the hydrotransformer consists in absolutely smooth gear shifting.

How this revolutionary system of the drive functions? In all previous types of transmissions, both in mechanical, and in step automatic, the transfer step is presented by five, six or more than couples of cogwheels or sets of planetary gear wheels in a transmission case. In a besstupenchaty transmission, on the contrary, there is only the unique strong wheel couple providing infinitely large number of options of transfer.

If you use manual switching, to you rather short-term touch to a control lever to rearrange it forward or back: thus, you switch transfers conveniently — without coupling and is effective — without loss of traction force.

1 — the Empty weight of the car without driver. The special equipment can lead to increase in empty weight and coefficient of resistance of air of the car owing to what the possible payload or, respectively, the maximum speed decrease

Multitronic — is the besstupenchaty transmission developed by Audi in which the previous defects of this design are eliminated and are used all a preimushchetsva of this system for gear shifting strategy optimization.

Audi A6 — is not simply new model, it first of all the new car. It unites comfort of a limousine and a charm of the car with a compartment body. It admires with rational equipment and sensual forms.