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So, extorted by Plotinus from much uniform becomes at it Uniform. But, being put outside brackets in which there was all intellectual, sincere and corporal world, Uniform it appears in effect anything. And it is not learned.

At Plotinus Edinoye not only descends in a lot of things, but also a lot of things go back to him, seeking to become uniform, to overcome the dissociation and to join the benefit, after all Edinoye is also the benefit. Everything that is, even, apparently, the matter, needs the benefit and aspires to the Benefit.

The deepest uniqueness Uniform is that it is anything. Plotinus, however, does not call Uniform anything, but in effect it so. According to Plotinus, uniform, being the eternal beginning all existing, in itself does not exist. In any case, it is impossible to tell about it that it exists. To tell that Uniform exists, – means it to limit, to put a framework, to define. Uniform it is impossible to make narrower as it is boundless.

However Plotinus's thesis about not cognoscibility Uniform, about its incomprehensibility and a neskazannost, has a crack, after all Plotinus only and does that throughout all the treatises speaks about Uniform. And to tell, what it does not exist and is not learned, what it is higher than any mind and intelligence, whether means to tell about Uniform main, essential?

According to Plotinus, the nature is the world of the phenomena which are real so, how they reflect in themselves Wuma's ideas. The nature at Plotinus has two parties. The best party it is no other than the lowest part of world soul as the lowest soul. It through spermatichesky logosa generates in it things which, eventually, there are reflections of not decreasing Wuma's ideas. In the phenomenal world of the Shower it is split up. There is a soul of the sky, soul of stars, at the Sun, at the Moon, at planets, Earth has verbal adverb souls. The soul of the earth gives rise to souls of plants, animal, the lowest parts of souls of people through which people just and are grounded, grow heavy, get to servitude to a body.

Most consciously this aspiration is shown at the person. The person low anywhere down does not aspire. This is the two-dimensional person, and he lives across. But this situation is not hopeless. Each person has after all a soul, part of world Soul. And in human soul is lowest longing and the highest rising part. The ordinary low person too has this part, but it is tired out by the menacing and aggressive lowest part of soul. However the reason victory over eternally thirsty sensuality is possible. The lowest person can become higher.

The world in Plotinus's representation is strictly hierarchical, it forms steps of the descending life beginning in superlife. Existence of the sensual corporal world axiomatically, it is given to our feelings, our body – part of this world, we its part. But Plotinus treats this world as it was told above, negatively and does not consider it as the only thing settling all possible life. Even the best in this world, its undoubted beauty, beauty, in particular, of the nature which so excites many, generating great pleasure, only a weak and dim reflection of true, supercorporal and supernatural beauty in their souls.

Plotinus takes out uniform out of limits of much, ennobles him over much and does him primary in relation to much. Uniform to much it is inaccessible, a lot of things are not capable to affect on uniform in any way, to force it to reckon with itself. And a lot of things are incapable of self-organization. It is the typical scheme of totalitarianism. The world hierarchy of Plotinus is also reflection of social hierarchy in the Roman Empire, and an anticipation of feudal hierarchy.

Uniform to anything and not to aspire. After all any aspiration also assumes initial lameness which has to be filled with achievement of the purpose. Uniform, wishing nothing and there is nothing without aspiring, therefore, absolutely happily if to understand eternal rest as happiness. And really, in Uniform there is no time, it vnevremenno. It is untouched time eternity.