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Usually also the written instructions on drawing up the plans of action accompanied with forms and models of their filling are developed. These detailed plans and programs are directed on realization of the specific local goals developed within the general strategy.

* the plan of sale - increase of efficiency of sale (the number, equipment new modern equipment, training of staff of marketing services, stimulation of their work, a choice of their territorial structure);

Strategy of the international marketing has to be corrected constantly and as a result of changes in models of life, vital standards. Strategy has to consider the interest in preservation and enhancement of health which also increased everywhere in the developed countries.

At a stage of development of the detailed plans of action and programs it is necessary to concretize marketing strategy in detailed plans and programs in a section of each of four elements of a complex of marketing.

Strategy is the general action program revealing priorities of problems and resources for achievement of a main goal. In the conditions of the developed market development and application of strategy of marketing activity - one of the most important functions of top managers. Strategic planning leans on accurately formulated policy statement of firm, a statement of the auxiliary purposes and tasks, a healthy economic portfolio and strategy of growth.

On the basis of such measurements it is possible to introduce amendments in marketing activity. For example, if the sales volume is lower expected, it is necessary to define, than it is caused and that it is necessary to make for correction of a situation. If the sales volume is higher expected, it is necessary to define, than it is caused. Perhaps, it is necessary to raise the price of a product. It will inevitably lead to some decrease in sales volume, but, perhaps, will provide higher profit.

Collecting information, the firm has to do amendments on behavior of the interrogated. So, in the countries of the Middle East and the Central Africa it is not accepted to give the answers opposite to the point of view assumed at the interlocutor.