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It is a lot of various reports explaining causes of accident, it was published since then. But in these reports there are a lot of discrepancies. Many researchers interpreted some data everyone in own way. Eventually there were even more various interpretation. Besides, some authors were personally interested in this case. However in the majority of reports the sequence of events which led to accident is similar.

00:32 (approximately) in reply the operator began to lift the operating cores, trying to restore reactor power. According to Requirements for safety measures the operator had to coordinate the actions with the chief engineer if the effective number of the lifted cores more than 2 As is shown by today's calculations, at that moment it was required to lift smaller number of managing directors of cores.

00:05 Power of the reactor was reduced to 720 MW. Power deceleration proceeded. Now it is proved that the safe control of the reactor in that situation was possible on 700 MW since differently the "hollow" coefficient of the reactor becomes positive.

14:00 Emergency cooling system was switched-off. It was included into the program of experiment. It was made to interfere with experiment interruption. This action directly did not lead to accident but if the emergency cooling system was not switched-off, possibly, consequences would not be such heavy.