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Proceeding from the above-stated materials, in a general view describing modern views on control systems as on object of research. This work for which achievement of the purpose according to the description of methods and receptions of the analysis of control systems, assumes the solution of the following tasks:

Here the continuum intellectual - social aspects of carrying out change can be imposed. Situation in this continuum characterizes a center of gravity position of the used approach (i.e. the bigger attention is directed on what aspect of change.

Intermediate place in a continuum between CCB and SHOUTING (existence detailed the plan on the one hand and "dustbin" of March (absence of the plan on the other hand, occupies approach of a logical inkrementalizm. There is a concept of "deeply deliberate plan", but worked only in the strategic directions, but not in detail as, for example, in SSV. Also time allowed for changes can be not known.

Consideration of management as systems is one of achievements of modern science. It is caused first of all as the necessary requirement of the accounting of multiple-factor manifestations of management as the activity which is in difficult structure of the relations created both in the control system and in the relations with the outside world, with external systems and nadsistema.

Thus, as the most important direction of research and development of control systems formation of scientific idea of new administrative thinking which would be adapted for conditions of the modern, promptly changing world on the one hand has to act, and considered results of researches of administrative activity and thinking of various areas of science.

Purpose, restrictions, criteria. The purpose - result of activity of system, either the device or working hours of system. Restriction - the mode or result of work of system or action in the course of changes of system which should be avoided (restriction - the anti-purpose).

Role of the top management (owner of a problem). In SSV the important place is allocated for participation of the top management in carrying out all work. In SSV the top management is "the owner of a problem". It is specified extreme importance of involvement of the top management in the carried-out work. Besides, the top management has to provide support of the working group.

Approach of ETHICS is substantially similar on described above CCB and SHOUTING, the main difference is that it is based on use of computer technologies. This approach also differs in high degree of collective nature. Probably to this aspect of changes it is given attention even more here, than at the SHOUTING.

Divergent and convergent thinking. The movement on phases SSV can be presented as alternation of divergent and convergent thinking. Divergent thinking - the dispersing thinking (ability to take a broad view of a problem - to consider the maximum quantity of option. Convergent thinking - the meeting thinking (narrowing of borders of the considered situation, a choice from a large number of options of one or several). As a rule, it is simpler to organize convergent thinking. For initialization of divergent thinking there are various receptions (brain storm, fixing of ideas, use of experience of others, etc.).

At this approach before carrying out all work the Owner of a problem - the individual is defined or the group of persons before which there was a problem, is also formed the working group performing all work.