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Heading. The powerful heading has to draw attention of the visitor. If your heading draws attention of the visitor less than for a second, it simply leaves. The heading has to be made so that tightly to hold attention of the visitor.

Undoubtedly, with development of technologies of Internet access, the requirement in these technologies will increase. For certain new opportunities the Internet will be used by firms, marketing specialists and, of course, consumers as cheap access to a number of high-quality and reliable services. Have to enter these services traditional the Internet – services, for example financial management, purchasing activity, marketing, and data, and essentially new digital services, in particular service of joint activity of partners in business. It is expected that these services will give to firms and to marketing specialists a number of advantages, for example will increase time of presence of goods and company services in the market, will lower expenses and will facilitate adaptation to change of a situation in the market.

For increase of efficiency of an advertizing campaign the integrated approach can be used, i.e. in combination with instruments of direct advertizing PR - actions can be carried out, to be carried out actions for advance of the enterprise in the Internet - branding, Direct-marketing.

Efficiency. If you decided to buy not displays of banners, and cliques. You can count, how many you spend for involvement of one visitor and how many, on average, you earn on one visitor. Thus, you can correct your business plan.

. "Press here". Do not think that the user who looks at a banner, knows that to do to it farther if he was interested by this advertizing. In the Network constantly there are beginners. Write somewhere: "Press here" or "Press here".

The brand can be created as usual means in real life (traditional, and directly in the Internet (The Internet -. In the first case the Internet is one of tools of branding and is used at its some stages. The second case is applicable to those goods which are created and used only in the Internet. The search engine Yandex or Rambler can be an example of successful branding in the Internet.

For hi-tech goods the situation develops on another. For them an effective method of advance of a brand is not advertizing, and information on goods. The consumer is not able to estimate itself advantages and shortcomings of difficult goods, and in this case one of the major factors influencing making decision on purchase is the risk which is assumed by the consumer. Availability of information, and also interactive dialogue between the seller and the buyer and between the existing and future buyer increases feeling of safety, trust of the buyer and his preference to goods.

Marketing specialists try to find the solution of these problems. If to leave everything as it is, the relation of buyers can soon become the extremely negative, and the authorities will are compelled to introduce restrictions on activity in the Internet.

In WWW press releases can be published or the current information for shareholders is provided. WWW can be effectively used in crisis situations when the firm needs urgent reaction to a market situation, thus advantage of WWW is possibility of updating of information in real time.

. Trust. One of the most difficult aspects of sales on the Internet - to cause trust to your offer. One of the best ways to destroy mistrust of sceptics - to include responses in a content of the letter! People like to read responses and certificates, and it works much more, than everything that you speak!

. Loading speed. The size of a banner has to be 3-4 KB is the best. It is possible to 7 KB. But never do banners more than 10 KB. Big banners will be long loaded and, therefore, the visitor can leave, without waiting for loading of a banner.

. Creation of relationship. Marketing specialists can analyze answers of the buyers, receiving about them additional information, can send on computers of clients useful tips, free demoversions of the computer programs, advertizing materials.