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In the majority of the published works about triticale it is noted that baking advantage is worse than it, than at wheat: bread has the smaller volume condensed, rumpling a crumb, the crust is sometimes covered treshchinami./30/

In spite of the fact that many researchers found higher triticale protein content in comparison with wheat, it is considered that quality of protein of triticale is lower than quality of protein of wheat, the gluten of triticale crumbles. In the countries where consumers prefer wheat, triticale cannot compete with it. However triticale can be important both grain, and fodder culture thanks to rather high protein content, tastes and the high maintenance of a lysine.

The volume and properties of a crumb of the gray and black bread made of a triticale flour were satisfactory. Grain products weighing 1 and 2kg possessed good taste, a form and more friable crumb. Quality of bread from triticale was intermediate between quality of white and rye bread. In comparison with bread from wheat flour the crumb was more dense, walls of a time are thicker, but to the touch dry and more friable. The crust is more rough, than at the rye. Bread from a flour of triticale possesses characteristic slightly sweet taste. At production of white bread and flour confectionery the flour of triticale can be added to wheat at most to 30%. At production of rye bread, rye flour can be replaced with a triticale flour completely. The triticale flour favourably increases the biological value of a product. The strengthened fermentation and activity of amylase during bread baking slow down decomposition of tryptophane, a lysine and B1 vitamin which collapse at nagrevanii./30/

The grinding and baking of mix of wheat/triticale with structure of triticale 25 or 50 of % in mix, were carried out and compared to mix samples from 2 parts of wheat and the 2nd triticale containing in W/TCL-GB. The grinding of the mix W/TCL-GB is similar to wheat sample more, than to triticale; therefore, wheat / a grinding in practice represents good technological process of improvement of grinding mix of triticale. The volume of a loaf of bread from W/TCL-GB-to a flour was much higher (at the level of 5%), than from a tritikalevy flour. When wheat with good baking properties was used in W/TCL-GB, to 50% of triticale can be replaced with wheat in GB to receive a flour with necessary baking kachestvom./31/

Abroad triticale grain is used widely for the fodder purposes (grain,, a summer silo). The value of grain of fodder appointment is emphasized: it contains the same or bigger amount of protein, than wheat grain.

In vitro cooked pasta and bread from flour mixes of various structure. In structure of dough for bread, besides a flour from grain of triticale and a flour from a cassava entered also a quantity of wheat flour. Bread of satisfactory quality is received by Podova at the content in mix less or equally 50% of a flour from a cassava. Good spaghettis could not be developed from the mixed flour, and dough for korotkorezany pasta might contain, except a flour from grain of triticale it is less or equally than 35% of a flour from a cassava. If 5% of a flour from a cassava subjected previously kleysterization, quality of macaroni considerably uluchshalos./32/