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The repeating representation is applied when instead of one symbol with the set text expediently is-to use some similar symbols with overlapping izob-a razheniye, each of which contains the descriptive text. EXAMPLE:

This symbol represented logical function earlier. It is also now kept behind it. Thus the substantial party of a symbol is expanded. Now it or action (decision, or designation of function of switching type.

This symbol (three points) is used in schemes for otob-a razheniye of the admission of a symbol or group of symbols. It is used only in symbols of the line and between them. It is used mainly in the schemes representing the common decisions with unknown number of repetitions.

As appears from an example, each exit of a symbol has to sop-rovazhdatsya by the corresponding values of conditions that so far - to zat a logical way which it represents. It is necessary in order that these conditions and the corresponding references were identified.

This symbol is used both in a leaf and at races - the provision of the scheme on several sheets. It displays an exit in part of the scheme and is used for break of the line and its continuation in other place. The corresponding symbols - connectors have to with - to hold one and too unique designation.

With a strip it is necessary for receiving a symbol in any for these - an ox in the top part to draw a horizontal line. Then boundaries - du this line and the top line of a symbol needs to be arranged the identifier indicating detailed representation of this symbol.