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But in a construction complex it is important to solve not only a problem of processing of actually building wastes, but also a problem of processing of waste of other industries as they are a source of cheap and qualitative raw materials.

Site of reception of waste where their warehousing, preliminary sorting and cutting of oversized plates or fragments to the sizes which the crusher is capable to pass is carried out. This site is served usually by excavators with hydronippers.

economic ( planning of education, a, use and realization of waste, an of the prices of these resources and products of their, material stimulation of their rational application, the complex account and the analysis of of work with secondary raw materials);

For a choice of the optimum scientific decision on recycling it is necessary to have data on the characteristic of object; definition of withdrawal, as raw resource (structure, existence; alleged directions of use; technical solutions by the accepted option; economic effect in spheres of production and consumption.

Development and deployment of low-waste technological processes at the enterprises of all industries has to become the main contents of this program; the advancing development of capacities for collecting and utilization of different types of secondary raw materials, and also introduction of progressive technologies of their processing.

In the construction industry ­ considerable experience of use of products of is production of materials, dense and fillers for concrete of different types, in production of, autoclave, and other construction materials and products. However it has no system character.

Incorporating cellulose and a kaolin, this waste (at some modification by chemical additives) can be used for production of heat-insulating, finishing and constructive and heat-insulating materials and details.

The considerable part of tanning waste is made by tanned waste - chromic shaving, a trimming and leather dust. Are a part of waste also protein (70-75% collagen, compounds of chrome (5-6%) fattening substances, dyes, mineral impurity.

How many it is made in the country of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, it is got coal and nonmetallic minerals, it is rather well known. And here how many this or that branch makes thus waste - it is known most often only to experts. Here some figures. At coal mining annually on an earth surface from a subsoil lift about 1 billion m3 of dead rock. Build of it useless pyramids - waste heaps. Thus are for nothing spent not only thousands of hectares often of fertile lands. The atmosphere becomes soiled, waste heaps "burn", the wind lifts from their fruitless slopes of a cloud of dust.

The industry of construction materials is the most capacious branch from branches consumers of industrial wastes. It is explained by vast scales of production of construction materials. Besides, many waste on the structure and properties is close to the natural raw materials used by various industries of construction materials, however is much cheaper, than production of the natural.

The overworking installation which is turning on the bunker, the crushing unit, a magnetic separator and sorting knot. At the large overworking enterprises also the of secondary crushing, fuller set of, system of air separation of easy particles (the remains of a heater, wall-paper, linoleum, etc.), and sometimes and installation for a sink of secondary crushed stone are a part of installation.

So, oil slime of Voykovsky treatment facilities (Moskv which is formed as a result of sewage treatment, arriving from the nearby enterprises, approximately it is possible to carry to very small, silnozagryaznenny sand.

As primary crushing units most often use shchekovy crushers, and also rotor of shock and reflective action, and the last often do not demand installation of a crusher of the second step.

At a joint grinding of slime with cement in a spherical mill the weight of which it is possible to form tiles for floors of the industrial enterprises is formed. Such tile can be also used for a paving of paths of garden sites.