Alan Watts Getting Your Brain To Nursing School

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Thus, all without value exception, created by a brain of the person, are relative. The problem, however, consists that it is represented to the consciousness absolute that is one of features of human thinking.

it had followers and obviously was not defective during " selection", and, on the contrary, left very noticeable trace in system of cultural values of mankind and took in it enough foreground,

System of communications between information objects it is possible to present in the form spider lines – interlacings of mutually independent and connected with each other threads (references) between information objects. Thus, if "to pull" for one thread, some objects connected with each other become more active at once.

Information objects have a hierarchical structure and those from them which are responsible for work with physical and chemical processes in a brain, are at the lowest step of hierarchy and, cannot be connected with objects of the highest steps directly.

The brain is not similar to the modern computer – the principle of its work not digital, but analog (physical and chemical processes in it not binarna, and vary on intensity) information processing is parallelized (it follows from the simplest comparison of speed of distribution of nervous excitement and real rate of information processing). Despite it, the general principles of the data-processing machine can be successfully applied to it.

The told illustrates though, certainly, does not prove that, quite perhaps, not the phenomena have some general of "essence", but the human thinking displays them on the limited (available) set of "boxes" (concepts, representations, categories) and hit of several phenomena in same "box" by the principle of similarity is only a consequence of limited number of "boxes" and insufficient understanding of the phenomena.

Historically it is certainly caused by that though long ago it was supposed that the brain "thinks" at the person, but a little concrete information on various parties of thought process appeared relatively recently and for this reason obvious (for many) the thought of possibility of scientific and philosophical research of processes of thinking and the knowledge considered as functions of a human brain still simply did not manage to work properly.

It is obvious however that any deep contradiction in it is not present. It only knowledge stages – is at first considered more limited, simplified model, then after it "is settled", new essential objects are added to it – the model extends, etc. However often such expansion inevitably is connected with revolutionary revision of the internal maintenance of model – the accents some change before insignificant communications act into the forefront.

And after all at such approach also the problem definition changes! On the one hand all complex of researches can be conducted in the broadest statement – research of thinking, but, thus not only are not excluded, but also quite local researches on joints (synthetic which as a rule do not pursue at first the utilitarian aim "for something" get inner meaning.

As for brain physiology, we will imagine the researcher trying on separate elements (transistors, connections, etc.) of a chip of the modern computer processor to understand how the computer works! It pulls out the processor entirely – the computer dies, breaks one of connections – the screen dies away, another – vanishes a sound, etc. And after all such connections millions, and they are interconnected! It is not excluded that through some time after carrying out such research there could be a thesis about soul and basic not cognoscibility of the computer.

Communications and information constantly become outdated (are hammered with noise), however constantly there is their regeneration and partial reinstallation according to new conditions (in a dream – the brain regenerates and analyzes information, itself "pulling" threads of communications).

At the beginning (the lowest types) is rigid and minimum sufficient set of instincts – the objects of the average level capable successfully to control the objects of the lower level which are responsible for activity of an organism, but possessing very weak potential in adaptation to the changing situation. In fact, all vital variety is reduced to a number of ready schemes (programs) if the situation does not keep within one of them, the adequate solution can be hardly found.