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At selection on precocity consider a number of the signs correlating with the basic. Very closely correlates such sign as knot of disclosure of the first pistillate flower with precocity. At early ripening varieties of a melon the first pistillate flowers reveal in bosoms of 1-3 leaves of stalks of I and II orders which are formed in the lowermost knots of the main stalk.

convar. adana (Pang.) Greb. — the melon European, unites the most widespread domestic grades. Fruits small and averages, pulp thin, are more often white, usually kartofelisty. Is of value for selection on precocity. There are forms steady against a bacteriosis and an antraknoz;

subsp. flexuosus (L.) Greb. — the melon serpentine, consists of three versions: convar. flexuosus, convar. adzhur, convar. tarra. All of them are presented by semi-cultural forms. Fruits long, at container — serpentine. Pulp friable, tasteless. It is usually used in an immature look as a cucumber. Selection value is not found out.

Most of researchers allocate at a melon two genes of resistance to fuzariozny withering (to Fusarium oxysporium f. melonis): Fom1 and Fom the Gene of Fom1 controls resistance to races 0 and 1, and Fom2 gene — to races of 0 and 2 Fusarium oxysporium f. melonis.

Melon (Cucumis melo L.) there is from Asia and, perhaps, Africa. Among the available classifications K.I. Panggalo's system — I. Grebenshchikova according to whom the look includes five subspecies is most convenient for selectors: