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Introduction paragraph for class 6

As for smells, here Democritus has some gap. Otherwise Teofrast would not ask with displeasure: "Why Democritus explains flavoring feelings from flavoring substances, and smells... does not carry in the same way to forms of the felt? Would follow — continues Teofrast — to explain from atoms" (L 5 I really it would be easy. Meanwhile Democritus was limited only to the general reason that a smell — this expiration thin of heavy. "Thus — Teofrast draws a conclusion — Democritus looked through something".

Forced to allow existence of a non-existence of atomist supervision over the ordinary phenomena and reflection over them: a condensation and discharge, permeability, a difference in weight of bodies, identical on volume, the movement, etc. Emptiness – a condition of all these processes – is not mobile and boundless. Life – an emptiness antipode. It is absolutely dense and multiple. Each member of a bytiyny set is determined by the external form. The atom in itself is very small. Life is a set of infinitely large number of small atoms.

Thus, all feelings can be considered as a kind of touch because they result from direct contact of the body with sense organs, or are generated by atoms in the phenomena of taste and smells, or impact on an air body result, generating a sound and hearing.