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Though triticale contains much more a lysine, than many grain crops which are carried out on pigs, rats and chickens of research showed that the lysine is the most limiting amino acid. Triticale, enriched only with one lysine, is a satisfactory source of amino acids for pigs in a final stage of sagination.

The increased protein content and the improved quality says it that triticale can become an important fodder cereal. More stoutly to estimate triticale as a source of protein and amino acids and to define its role in satisfaction of world needs for protein, are required further issledovaniya./35/.

Generalization of experimental data shows that the majority of researches as in our country, and it is abroad carried out with limited number of grades (AD-206, AD-201 and a row foreign) triticale. New grades are not investigated, their flour-grinding and baking features therefore triticale and products of its processing practically do not use grain on the food purposes are not revealed.

Interest in triticale as to fodder culture was caused by that in comparison with other grain cereals, it contains more protein and has the best amino-acid structure. As the triticale power source successfully replaces wheat, corn, barley and a grain sorghum. In many cases animals of triticale it is possible to explain decrease in consumption with presence in it of an ergot, and sometimes and a method of its processing.