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- the antpropologichesky reserve (the natural biotic territory), for the preservation of natural living conditions of the tribes and local population which are living in harmony with the nature and traditionally using its resources; the operated territory of multilateral use the operated resource area) for a sustainable development and reproduction of natural resources, fauna, recreational potential.

Market researches of requirements, demand, market capacity, the analysis of a market situation, definition of a share of this tourist enterprise in the market have to become a basis of development of reference points on sale of a tourist's product. As information base it is necessary to use system of marketing information, and to apply modern methods of the analysis to calculations, to use modern computer facilities that will provide diversity of the indicators, the accounting of the last caused by the planned marketing actions.

The analysis of sale of an adventure tourist's product is an integral part of the organization of sale, is especially sold a priklyuchensky tourist's product. This subject actual for modern market conditions is a subject of this academic year project" ".

Hanging gardens of Semiramis (hinging Gardens of Babylon), They were built in Babylon and represent the work combining graceful architectural forms and landscape gardening designs. Gardens are constructed in 800 — 600 BC by Navukhodonosor Nebuchadrezzar II for the queen of Sammu-ramat within walls of the royal palace in Babylon, in the capital of Babylonia (the city which Iraq was in the ancient time in the territory of southern. Beautiful gardens were on balconies, on roofs of terraces and buildings. Plants by the water pumped by pumps from the river Efrat. Hanging gardens were described very in detail by classics, there are various drawings, but they did not remain and their any fragments it is not revealed.

- rounds for the purpose of treasure hunting. Differ on expeditions in search of treasures and treasures and — adventure entertaining character, with granting opportunity to wash gold dust in of gold production, search precious turn into stone, on islands of the Indian Ocean offer tourists a shovel and the card with the dug fantastic chest — such type of occupations is included into the list of island entertainments of ;

Within management of marketing activity tourism organizations have to the program of sales promotion of an adventure tourist's product, thus sale as collective efforts on ensuring sale to potential tourists, strengthening of the relations with them both satisfaction of their requirements and services.

Locks are a good element of a tourist and are willingly visited by tourists. Wartburg Castle, Reynstein, Shtayfen, Gagenau, Gelngau-zen, Myulgauzen, Vildenstein, Falkelstein and Likhten-sheyn — in Germany is best-known; in Sheytsariya — Chillon and Arenburg. The greatest number of ancient castles in Spain and France — Shovinyi, Falez, Losh, Kusi, Louvre, Vilando, Pyerfon and others. The special tourist route on unique locks of France is offered.

The tourist territory or the water area — a type of a complex tourist resource geographically certain place of concentration of the most valuable tourist resources, and a object of tourist interest allocated as a part of the region and registers and inventories. The territory on the land, on a surface of the earth does not demand additional visit. Underground — respectively, for fans of speleological tourism of mines and excavations, the, all tourists, visit diamond mines and mines of the gold mines in Johannesburg (Republic of South Africa). Some mines not so much for the excursion purposes, how many for treatment in the special microclimate created by the nature in underground adits. That is offered, a, in the Alps in the town Bud Gastayn (radonic inhalation at the increased temperature and high humidity) in adits of gold mining mine.

In process of development of territories, their economic the arose a problem of ensuring preservation at least of part of the primitive nature, as well as preservation of the man-made objects representing cultural ­ value for culture of this country or society or for all mankind. For this purpose in the world of a in all states the defined of sushi or water spaces, the declared are allocated with territories where economic activity of the person is strictly limited, or is stopped at all, except for necessary for maintenance of development of a plant and animal life or preservation of man-made objects.